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At Rebel Research UK, we believe in transparency regarding pricing. Below we have outlined the pricing of some of our services. For a full pricing list, please contact us to request this. Please note that non-UX services are priced lower to reflect market rates. We are happy to chat if you'd like further clarity based on your circumstances, without pressure to buy.

Qualitative UX data analysis.

By analysing qualitative data, researchers can identify recurring themes, patterns, and outliers, gaining valuable context and empathy for users. This deeper understanding informs more effective design decisions, product improvements, and strategies to enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

UX Research Workshop.

A workshop is a great way to foster alignment among a team. It helps to steer a project in the right direction to give it the best chance of success. It can also be used as a powerful research technique with customers or service users, uncovering user needs. Understanding your users' needs is crucial for the success of your project, product or service.

Workshop duration: 2 hours.

A round of usability testing.

A usability test involves asking users to complete specific tasks using a digital product or service to identify what works well and what needs improvement. With just 5 sessions, we can identify up to 85% of a digital product's usability issues. Preparing well by creating an effective session script is crucial. It ensures you: ask the right questions and give your participants relevant tasks that uncover hidden pain points. 

Session duration: 20 to 60 minutes.

A round of depth interviews.

A user research depth interview is a one-on-one conversation between a researcher and a participant exploring their experiences and perspectives regarding a specific topic or product. These interviews delve deeply into the participant's thoughts, behaviours, and motivations to uncover valuable insights that can inform product development, design decisions, or marketing strategies.

Session duration: 30 to 60 minutes.

UX survey design.

A user experience survey gathers information from a large group of users through a structured set of questions. It allows researchers to collect data efficiently, reaching a broader audience than individual interviews or observations might allow.

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