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Our Story.

Rebel Research UK was started by our Lead Researcher, Fran. She has had a 'wiggly' career moving from clinical research into the police and then transitioning into the User Experience (UX) industry. Fran has worked with vulnerable populations such as prisoners, people with substance misuse issues and survivors of domestic abuse.


During her time as a clinical researcher, she became frustrated with the slow pace of academic research. Fran craved the opportunity to deliver more rapid impacts. Always driven to make the world a better place for people, Fran came across UX research and immediately fell in love. It combined creativity, research and people-watching; her favourite things! 

After a few years in the UX research world, working on public and private sector projects, she became frustrated all over again. She found that conducting comprehensive user research was often viewed as an inconvenience. What's more, including people with disabilities and vulnerabilities in studies was often deemed as 'out of scope'. Feeling so passionate about this, she decided to take action and rebel against this. Here's where Rebel Research UK comes in. See our values to find out how we're different...   

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