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Research Strategy.


Research Planning

Perhaps you'd prefer to conduct the research but still need help crafting the plan. Rebel Research UK can help with the following:

⚡Survey design.

⚡Workshop design.

⚡User test script design.

⚡Interview script design.


Stakeholder Alignment

Ensuring stakeholders are on the same page regarding the problem you are trying to resolve is crucial for your project's success. Rebel Research UK can help by providing:

⚡Joined-up hypothesis development.

⚡Pre-project stakeholder alignment.

⚡Stakeholder assumptions mapping.

⚡Prioritisation workshops.


Methods Design

Getting your research methods right is crucial to avoid wasting time and taking wrong turns that will be expensive to rectify later. Come to Rebel Research UK for support with the following:

⚡Initial research plan to get your project kick-started.

⚡Full research plan covering all phases of a project.

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