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UX Care Packages

Did you know you can get a huge 9,900% return on investment (and sometimes more) by using a user-centred design approach to craft your digital presence? User experience (UX) refers to how people interact with and experience a product, service and company. Think of the customer journey and all the touch points involved in choosing a service, paying for it and using it regularly.


UX is often misunderstood as just being about creating visually appealing designs when actually, it's a strategic investment that directly impacts your bottom line. Effective UX design can help your business to:

⚡boost customer retention by 5% (increase profits by 25-95%)

⚡outperform competitors: up to 75% increases in sales

⚡fix errors before development (100 x cheaper)

⚡boost customer satisfaction: 55%

⚡increase conversions: up to 400%

⚡raise staff productivity: up to 20%

⚡lower development time: 33-50%

As ever, it's important to note that actual results can vary depending on the project but the key takeaway is that UX investments consistently show positive returns, often significantly outperforming many other types of business investments. The most successful companies prioritise UX because they understand transforming customers' experiences brings vast returns.

Whether you're a small to medium business or a digital agency, it's never too early or too late to start investing in a UX approach. Whether you're just starting out on your UX journey or want to evolve your existing UX practices, we can help with our bespoke monthly care packages 👇🏻

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SMEs Package

Save thousands by outsourcing your business UX needs to us! From just £450 per month (this is less than a UX consultant's typical day rate 👀), we can act as your UX assistant and provide you with the following monthly deliverables to improve your digital presence: 

⚡3+ UX research recommendations

⚡3+ accessibility recommendations

⚡5+ UX improvement suggestions

⚡Ongoing email query support

⚡1 'deep dive' user testing hour

​⚡1 virtual consultation hour 

Agencies Package

Save thousands and generate revenue from your own clients by enlisting our monthly UX support. From £600 per month we'll provide you with the same deliverables that come with our SME package but we'll support you with one of your own client's digital strategy. The recommendations we provide can be passed on by yourselves to your client and therefore generate you revenue. For instance, usability issues we identify might require development work that you can then supply your client with!

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