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Our Values.

⚡At Rebel Research UK, we are dedicated to providing high-quality research services that deliver actionable insights.


⚡Our team is committed to leveraging our expertise in academic, Customer Experience and User Experience research to bring value to organisations. We believe in cross-sector learning and the benefits that various fields can offer one another. 


⚡We believe in truly inclusive and comprehensive research methods that serve the entire population and are passionate about making a difference.


⚡We pledge to raise awareness of the importance of inclusive research. We will support our clients in moving toward this as a default setting.

⚡We are passionate about helping young carers to find meaningful careers in research. We believe in helping those in society who are less fortunate.

If you like the sound of us and are interested in corporate partnerships, please reach out. We're always happy to make new friends especially if they share our values! 

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