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We help people and organisations evolve through inclusive experience research.

Are you ready to benefit from people-powered progress?


Why do experience research?

Companies often make important decisions based on unhelpful assumptions and guesswork.


Experience research with users helps businesses to build evidence-based products and services. When done right, this leads to a significant return on investment. Put simply, it can:

⚡stop you building the wrong thing

⚡help you build the right thing well

⚡prevent you from wasting money

⚡prevent you from wasting time

⚡make your customers happy

⚡improve customer loyalty

⚡make your staff happy

⚡reduce staff turnover

⚡increase revenue

⚡win investment

If you'd like help with leveraging experience research, we're happy to support you. We offer a free 30-minute initial consultation call.

⚡Want to understand your end-users better?
⚡Want to make evidence-led decisions?
⚡Want to leverage customer insights?

See our services for help 👇🏻


Our Services.

Research Strategy

We conduct the planning and you execute the research, keeping business costs down and strengthening your in-house research capabilities. 

Research Execution

We conduct the planning and carry out research on your behalf. This is a great way to introduce an objective perspective and reduce internal bias. 

Inclusive Participant Recruitment

We can source hard-to-reach participants with accessibility needs to inform your service or product design. Make truly inclusive progress. 

UX Care Package

We act as your UX assistant for a monthly retainer. Whether you'd like support with your own digital strategy or your clients', we're here to help!

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Free consultation call

Why not take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation call? Because we love what we do (and remote working can be lonely), we're happy to give free advice wherever we can!


Our Work.

Our Experience.

Our team has experience in improving health and social care services through qualitative and quantitative research. We have also delivered research projects for small and large private businesses. In the past, our founder has worked on academic, service and user experience research for clients such as:

⚡Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

⚡Office for National Statistics

⚡Department for Transport

⚡Birmingham City Council

⚡National Health Service

⚡Public Health England

⚡Ministry of Defence

⚡Wakefield Council

⚡HM Prison Service

⚡The Home Office

⚡Marks & Spencer

We're also well versed in helping businesses to benefit from the huge return on investment user experience research brings.


From helping the NHS to understand its role in preventing radicalisation to aligning DEFRA stakeholders on environmental projects, our founder enjoys helping organisations to leverage experience-based insights.

Recent work.

Currently, we're helping a local charity to improve their digital maturity and develop a more accessible and user-centred online presence. This is an ongoing effort that requires a significant culture shift among team members. We are guiding them on this journey and can't wait to share the outcome in the coming months.

We've also recently partnered up with Obodo to help a London-based branding agency with concept testing an exciting new platform that is set to revolutionise strategic brand design practices. We're thrilled to be a part of this project and loved helping with the proof of concept!


"I had the pleasure of working with Fran on Singularity's prototype first user testing and interviews. Fran's dedication and enthusiasm for the project were truly inspiring. She threw herself into the work, always showing up with a positive attitude and a real belief in what we are doing. Fran delivered solid research that provided valuable insights for my company. Her hard work and genuine involvement have been great contributions to the software's development process."

Esther Brener
Founder, CEO & Creative Director at Singularity

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